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For the Hurting

Barabbas Is Me. the gospel, plain & simple

How I Cope with Anxiety

3 Reminders to the One Who’s Healing

How the Church Has Hurt Ushealing from spiritual hurt

My Big, Ugly Wallsa story about learning how to be vulnerable

An Imperfect NYEGod’s perfect when nothing else is

“Do You Believe I Will Redeem You?”how God heals every part of you

We’re All a Little Lostwho is your anchor?

The Last Youth Groupa testimony of God’s goodness

What I Learned From Never Making Varsity

Big Love, Hard Goodbyesencouragement when you have to say goodbye

How God is Working in My Youth Group

“I Forgive You.”a short story of Jesus’s grace

Jesus Takes Care of Me – a reminder for who holds you

For the Heavy Heart

Barabbas Is Me. the gospel, plain & simple

Who You Say I Am ~ a Journal About Lies

For the College Student Coming Home for Thanksgiving

Hold Melearning to live as a child of God

Tetheredfor the one who’s facing a lot of change

The Next Stepnavigating life transitions as a Christian

What I Learned From My Principal1 of the greatest lessons I learned in high school

For the Overwhelmed:

How to Rest Well

In These UnknownsEncouragement in unknowns

This is My ConfidenceWhy perseverance comes with confidence

The World is Watchingblog post from the 2020 election

Knowing God Better

“Annabelle, I’m Not a Grocery Store, You Know.”relationship > creating content

God Just Wants Youthe world wants everything you can do. Jesus wants YOU.

Why Are We Called Human Beings?why we’re BEings & not DOings

A Love Letter From God

A Love Letter TO God

Barabbas Is Me. the gospel, plain & simple

Sitting with Jesusbeing still in His presence

Talking with Godhow God reminded me I’m beautiful

Acquaint Yourself with Jesusgetting to know God

Christian Commentary

What Grace Did To Youa story about Joseph of Arimathea

Worship Doesn’t Come in 3 Minute Packagescommentary on worship

Sharing the Gospel with LDS (Mormons)

Two Kinds of Freedomthoughts on Independence Day

Radicalwhat it means to be a Christian

The Freedom of Speechas Christians, do we have it?

A Good Reportmy thoughts on Numbers 13-14

First in my Hearta in-depth look at “Be Thou My Vision.”

A Christian Response to COVID

Deep Thoughts

My Recent Social Media Heart Check

Why I Took a Break From Blogging

Where Wisdom Startsthoughts on wisdom

Sold Out, Crazy, Bananas for Jesusif you feel guilty about how you live for Jesus…

Joy Like Fine Chinacelebrating is worship!

What Life is Like Not Going to College

I Wish I Could Tell My Freshman Self…

So UnworthyGod loving us is CRAZY

The Greatest Treasurewhat do you prize more, facts or Jesus?

God is Teaching Me…a simple senior year life update

“Rooted”why I chose “rooted” as my word for 2021

Becoming an Author at 17

What God Did On FridayI got to speak to a class about my book!

God you don’t need me – it’s not what, it’s how

For the Creatives & Small Business Owners

What I’ve Been Struggling Withyour dreams are in His hands

God’s Kingdom > My Empireheart check for the ambitious

Battling Imposter’s Syndrome – when you don’t feel qualified for your calling

Surrender > Successhumility while you chase your dreams

Working for the Eternal Rewardkingdom living on earth

The Only Reason I’m Published

Something Cool Happened This Weeka story of a boy who ready my novel

I Finished!Finished writing the Far Below Human Eyes series

What do You Want to be Remembered By?thoughts on legacy

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