God’s Writing a Beautiful Story

I haven’t had the words to express what life is like lately (psht that’s a first haha). But as I step into this new season and a new relationship, this is what God has been teaching me:

Sold Out, Crazy, Bananas for Jesus

Do you live a life sold out, crazy, bananas for Jesus?

When I asked that question, did you feel just a tinge of guilt? Because I always do. And this is what God has taught me about that tinge of guilt. This blog is for you!

Good News

The Christmas story and a short Christmas devotion ~ so you have everything you need this Christmas to focus on what’s most important.

Worship Doesn’t Come in 3 Minute Packages

Worship is more than a 3 minute song. Worship is a lifestyle. Here’s what God’s been teaching me about worship the last few months:

The Only Reason I’m Published

“God, thank you for bringing me so far. You know how much I want to be an author. But–”

And these were some of the hardest words I’ve ever prayed–

“But, if it’s not your will for me to be an author, don’t let me be one.”

Jesus Takes Care of Me

Have you ever stopped and realized that if the God of the universe loved you so much he died for you, he probably cares about your day to day life just as much?


“While the devil is prevailing, His roots are unfailing. So root yourselves in Christ as you head into 2021, and humble yourselves before the God who prevails regardless of the circumstances.” ~ From a youth group lesson I’ve been working on:-)

Loneliness & Community

We are not created to charge life alone. We are not created to decide what we think the Bible means with our single, flawed perspective. This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

I Have THIS Hope

Is anyone else afraid that school will shut down again?
Despite the terrifying possibility, I have THIS hope…