So Unworthy

This summer, I had this moment where it just hit me how awful and unworthy I am. I was disgusted with myself.

But never before have I felt so astonished by God’s love for us. He knows us, AND He loves us. That’s crazy.

Sitting With Jesus

At camp, I started realizing Jesus sits across from me while I pray, stands beside me while I worship Him, and speaks to me in so many ways.

And after that, I couldn’t seem to get rid of Jesus.

Working for the Eternal Reward

Matthew 25:23 says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I want to live for the eternal reward like that. I want to reach heaven and hear my Father, best friend, lover, king, and God say well done.

How God is Working in my Youth Group

You’d think God wouldn’t pay much attention to a small youth group on the edge of a country town, full of middle schoolers.

But not so;)

For the Overwhelmed:

I’m learning: even if I cause the greatest disappointment, God won’t stop loving me. I’m learning mistakes show how much I need Christ, not how much I need to fix. And I’m learning that Christ already fixed it for me.

How to Rest Well

Whether you’re stuck inside waiting out the storm or off somewhere hot and sunny, learn how to rest well this weekend—starting with the very foundation of rest in Christ.

The Freedom of Speech

Yes, the constitution grants freedom of speech. Yes, with a few exceptions, you can say whatever you want. But the constitution is not our ultimate authority. God’s word is.

Acquainted With Jesus

Sometimes, the times you are least ceremonious, the times you come to God ugly crying or confused or just feeling gross, you see God in a whole new light.

You become acquainted with how your imperfections can’t possibly wedge a single inch between you and Jesus.