I Wish I Could Tell My Freshman Self…

I visited Lutheran for the first time since I graduated last week. It got me thinking:

If I could tell my freshman self anything, what would I say?

God you don’t need me

After believing for YEARS that success was directly tied to doing things, God flipped my idea of success completely on its head.

This is what He’s teaching me:

What it Means to be a Woman of God

The world has lost sight of what it means to be a woman.

But there’s something beautiful and poetic about being crafted from a rib that speaks volumes about what it means to be a woman of God.

The Only Reason I’m Published

“God, thank you for bringing me so far. You know how much I want to be an author. But–”

And these were some of the hardest words I’ve ever prayed–

“But, if it’s not your will for me to be an author, don’t let me be one.”

What I Learned From My Principal

I’m really nervous about graduating. But my principal taught me something that will stick with me over the next six weeks—and the rest of my life.

The Freedom of Speech

Yes, the constitution grants freedom of speech. Yes, with a few exceptions, you can say whatever you want. But the constitution is not our ultimate authority. God’s word is.

Single but not Alone

Singleness isn’t a disease to be cured. It’s a season to be experienced. Here’s what I’ve struggled with being single, and here’s what God says…

I Finished!

Eight days ago, I finished writing the Far Below Human Eyes series. I wrote the last word in the fifth book (yes, there are five), closed my computer, and cried. Then I wrote THIS.

Enough-ness in Your Season

I think it’s normal to wish you were dating someone when you’re single, and I’ve had that feeling before, but that’s not necessarily what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the longing to share Christmas with the one, my future husband, wishing I could meet him sooner. And if you feel the same, I want to encourage you this morning.

I’m Not Ready

This is quite the adventure. I don’t feel qualified, honestly.
But I do know that Jesus is enough when I am not. So here’s to stepping into deeper waters and pursuing Christ in the unknown–in this crazy new life as an author.