3 Reminders to the One Who’s Healing:

Healing is slow and hard and frustrating sometimes. Here’s what God reminded me this week as I wrestle through it:

Lily Wants to Make You Laugh

Life is all over the place right now. But that’s what life is. And to trap it in a box the size of a blog post would be wrong.

So here are all the little things God has taught me this week (along with some goofy moments with Lily;)

What I Learned From My Principal

I’m really nervous about graduating. But my principal taught me something that will stick with me over the next six weeks—and the rest of my life.

Enough-ness in Your Season

I think it’s normal to wish you were dating someone when you’re single, and I’ve had that feeling before, but that’s not necessarily what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the longing to share Christmas with the one, my future husband, wishing I could meet him sooner. And if you feel the same, I want to encourage you this morning.

This is My Confidence

When life feels strange; when the holidays look different this year and you’ve never missed your annoying cousins so much; when you just want to hug your grandma but you can’t, be confident that God’s love RULES this.

The World is Watching

If you supported Trump, this week is hard. Saturday was hard. Each day that goes by without justice is hard. But remember: your reaction to this hardship is what everyone is watching. And since everyone is already paying attention, show them Jesus.