8 Green Flags ✅ to Look for in Christian Guys

Finding the right person to date/marry might seem impossible, but it’s not completely hopeless. Here are the biggest green flags to look for in Christian men:

What Grace Did To You

I wrote a short story about Joseph of Arimathea and his experience wrapping Jesus’s body after the crucifixion. I hope it puts the gospel into perspective for you this weekend. He is risen!!

What’s Your Dream?

It’s so easy to put more hope in a dream than in the God who gave me that dream to begin with. But nothing can fill my heart like Jesus does.

Who You Say I Am ~ a Journal About Lies

I chose to write down all the lies I’ve been believing about myself, then write the truth God says about me right next to it. If you need to be reminded who God says you are, read this.

What Life is Like Not Going to College

As my seasons change, here’s what God is teaching me about planting seeds and staying faithful in the mundane.

“Will You Be Mine?❤️”

This is how God shifted my perspective on Valentine’s Day…

Worship Doesn’t Come in 3 Minute Packages

Worship is more than a 3 minute song. Worship is a lifestyle. Here’s what God’s been teaching me about worship the last few months:

God Just Wants You

The world wants everything you can do. The world wants your best effort on a test, you prettiest face, you slimmest waist, your lowest weight, your biggest muscles, your best voice, your highest following.

God just wants you.

Lily Wants to Make You Laugh

Life is all over the place right now. But that’s what life is. And to trap it in a box the size of a blog post would be wrong.

So here are all the little things God has taught me this week (along with some goofy moments with Lily;)

Working for the Eternal Reward

Matthew 25:23 says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I want to live for the eternal reward like that. I want to reach heaven and hear my Father, best friend, lover, king, and God say well done.