So Unworthy

This summer, I had this moment where it just hit me how awful and unworthy I am. I was disgusted with myself.

But never before have I felt so astonished by God’s love for us. He knows us, AND He loves us. That’s crazy.

God’s Love Doesn’t Make Sense

God’s love doesn’t make sense. Here’s why.

(Also, if you like Newsboys, you’ll probably also like this one;-)

Two Kinds of Freedom

This weekend, we celebrate freedom. But I think America’s definition of freedom is quite different from Jesus’s definition. And I think we need to pay attention to the difference.

Big Love, Hard Goodbyes

My heart is so easily discontented with God’s pacing. Either a season can’t come fast enough, or a season is passing too quickly.

But in every season, God’s love and goodness and mercy and forgiveness will never leave me.

How God is Working in my Youth Group

You’d think God wouldn’t pay much attention to a small youth group on the edge of a country town, full of middle schoolers.

But not so;)

Something Cool Happened This Week…

I was so touched by the picture, I nearly started crying. God reminded me of the “why” behind all the hard work that night. The reason I do any of it in the first place.

I’m Not Ready

This is quite the adventure. I don’t feel qualified, honestly.
But I do know that Jesus is enough when I am not. So here’s to stepping into deeper waters and pursuing Christ in the unknown–in this crazy new life as an author.