“Will You Be Mine?❤️”

This is how God shifted my perspective on Valentine’s Day…

How The Church Has Hurt Us

Thinking about all the ways the church has hurt people, it broke my heart. But God told me something ~ in the chaos, He made a symphony.

My Big Ugly Walls

I’m sorry Jesus for these big ugly walls.

“Beloved, if I can break down the walls of the grave, don’t you think I can break down the walls guarding your heart?”

Good News

The Christmas story and a short Christmas devotion ~ so you have everything you need this Christmas to focus on what’s most important.

Surrender > Success

We all have dreams for the future. But as we work towards that dream, it’s easy to get frustrated with stagnation, failure, and slow progress.

If you’re struggling with these, here are 4 truths my best friend reminded me of.

God’s Love Doesn’t Make Sense

God’s love doesn’t make sense. Here’s why.

(Also, if you like Newsboys, you’ll probably also like this one;-)


A lot of things are changing, and it can be scary. But Jesus’s love for you isn’t one of them. And this allows you to step into this next season fearlessly and confidently, because you are tethered to the unchanging love of your savior.