How The Church Has Hurt Us

Thinking about all the ways the church has hurt people, it broke my heart. But God told me something ~ in the chaos, He made a symphony.

I Wish I Could Tell My Freshman Self…

I visited Lutheran for the first time since I graduated last week. It got me thinking:

If I could tell my freshman self anything, what would I say?

“Do You Believe I Will Redeem You?”

He was born in the dirt so I could rise from the ashes.

He was born in the dark so I could touch the light.

He was born to die so that we could live.

Here’s what God taught me about Redemption this Christmas season:

What God Did On Friday

God did something really cool this week.

But my God is a God who is worthy of praise not because of whatever is going on in my tiny little life, but because of the fact that He created everything, deserves everything, is everything.

God you don’t need me

After believing for YEARS that success was directly tied to doing things, God flipped my idea of success completely on its head.

This is what He’s teaching me:

For the Creatives & Small Business Owners

I felt discouraged about book sales a few days ago and a friend reminded me of something that comforted me x100.

God knows the struggle of the creative/small business owner.

What I’ve Been Struggling With

My thoughts were messy after spending all day prepping for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday.

Got reminded me of some things.

For the College Student Coming Home for Thanksgiving

Flipping through my notes from September this morning, I found this one. Maybe I wrote if for such a time as this: for the college student coming home for Thanksgiving.

Worship Doesn’t Come in 3 Minute Packages

Worship is more than a 3 minute song. Worship is a lifestyle. Here’s what God’s been teaching me about worship the last few months:

God Just Wants You

The world wants everything you can do. The world wants your best effort on a test, you prettiest face, you slimmest waist, your lowest weight, your biggest muscles, your best voice, your highest following.

God just wants you.