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If you walked into my house, you would see boxes stacked against the walls in a chaotic display of balance. You would see naked furniture gathering in the corners of my home and shoes tossed near the front door. You would see blank walls, freshly painted.

Yes, we moved two days ago.

Life has been insane, to say the least. I love my new home, but there are many pieces I will miss about our old house. I began writing Far Below Human Eyes in our old house. I started high school in our old house, went on my first date and my first soccer practice and my first driving lesson in our old house. In 7 short years, my life has changed, all in one place. I am sad to leave.

But there are new memories ahead, new discoveries, new joys, new stories.

The song “I Will Follow” by Christ Tomlin has had a new significance in my life these last few weeks. I’ve always cherished the lyrics, “Where you go, I’ll go—When you stay, I’ll stay—When you’ll move, I’ll move—I will follow you.” But moving eight people into a new home has given me a new perspective to these lyrics.

I have been challenged for months now to step out in my faith. I want to get baptized. I want to be on fire for Christ. I want to listen to the Holy Spirit leading me to pray over someone, talk to someone, witness to someone.

I want to go where Jesus goes. I want to stay when Jesus stays. I want to move when Jesus moves.

But I realize following Jesus is not as clean-cut as I once expected.

Moving into our new house has completely shifted my routine. Yesterday morning, I ate cherry tomatoes for breakfast because there wasn’t a lot of food in the house. I spent twenty minutes searching for hangers in my garage. I was woken up with the sun because my blinds haven’t been installed yet. It’s crazy.

And it is often this way when we choose to follow Christ. When we move with him. When we go where He goes.

It’s messy! There are early mornings, long days, embarrassments and frustrations. There are exhilarating moments and there are dull ones. There are skipped meals.

But this is life in total surrender to Christ. Submitting my plans to God’s design might mean I get to eat tomatoes for breakfast sometimes. Listening to the Holy Spirit instead of my own conscience might lead me to embarrassing and awkward situations.

But if you struggle to listen to God’s voice like I do, telling me to ask a customer how I can pray for them or telling me to witness to a coworker, know that you are not alone. Know that it is messy, no matter how strong your faith might be. It is hard to move, to leave your normal routine behind. The Christian life is messy, but God designed each step of the way. And no matter how messy this crazy adventure gets, you still have a purpose and a calling to further the kingdom of God.

It’s hard to lean into that messiness. I write about it here, but truthfully, I struggle with it a LOT. I’m a perfectionist. I want my walk with Christ to be all success and victory and no discovery, no failure, no waiting, no struggle.

But Christ knows that we are human. He knows that! And he intends to use your humanity to its fullness, every. single. day

Jesus tells us in John 16:33, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Lean into the one that made you human. Lean into the messy and challenging duty you have as a Christian. Lean into your identity in Christ.

And when God moves, I pray that you will follow Him. 

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Once the 17-year-old fantasy author who spent most of her time goofing around with her 5 younger siblings, Annabelle Healy is now 20, married, and living in a teeny apartment off in Colorado Springs. Time flies doesn't it? If there's one thing that hasn't changed, it's her love for Jesus and writing - and between her weekly faith blog and novels in-the-works, you can count on fun storytelling (no matter what).

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