10 Years

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Ten years ago, I wrote my first book. I was 7 years old.

I fashioned two pieces of cardboard together with Scotch tape, stuck some paper in between, and decorated the cover with the crude picture of three ducks. I titled it, “How Do Ducks Fly to the South.”

It was a masterpiece, if I can say so myself. A real milestone in my career. In fact, I was so proud of it, I wrote “Illustrated by Mrs. Annabelle H” on the back (I’m not certain why I considered myself a “Mrs.” at age 7; that’s just what I wrote).

Now, I’m 17, and quite frankly, not much has changed.

writing as a kid

Granted, I’m in high school now—so certain things have changed. Instead of going to the park, I drive to Starbucks. Instead of watching Toy Story, I watch The Office. Instead of digging in a sandbox, I play goalie for my high school soccer team, and dive in the turf instead. And for a fancy event, instead of going to a sit-down restaurant (a rare occasion), I might go with my friends to the Homecoming dance.

Now, instead of writing my stories on drawing paper fixed together with ungodly amounts of scotch tape, I type my stories up on my computer and share them with anyone who will listen.

But the story-telling side of me has never changed. The side of me that daydreams of riding dragons, meeting miniature people, and discovering long-lost treasure has never changed. The side of me that wishes she could fly is still there, and that will never change.

And little did my 7 year old self know that in 10 years, she would publish the best story she had ever written—Far Below Human Eyes.

bookshelf in bedroom

So here I am, writing my second blog. I’ve come a long way—but there is so much more to come. And this is the place you can find all of it—the why, when, where, what, and how of my journey.

Look out for…

  • Updates on my debut fantasy novel, Far Below Human Eyes
  • Details of the publishing process
  • Tips on writing and sharing poetry
  • Exclusive excerpts and short stories
  • Thoughts on my life as a full-time high school student and athlete—and a full-time author
  • And probably A LOT more…

Join the conversation and follow my journey—from a hopeful 7 year old writing pocketbooks, to who I am today: a new, budding author.

Published by Annabelle Healy

Once the 17-year-old fantasy author who spent most of her time goofing around with her 5 younger siblings, Annabelle Healy is now 20, married, and living in a teeny apartment off in Colorado Springs. Time flies doesn't it? If there's one thing that hasn't changed, it's her love for Jesus and writing - and between her weekly faith blog and novels in-the-works, you can count on fun storytelling (no matter what).

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