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Hey! I’m Annabelle!

Here’s a few facts about me:

  • I didn’t know the word “address” had two D’s in it until last year.
  • I have 5 younger siblings 😵‍💫 (you can see one of them in the background of this atrocious photo)
  • I’m married to THE most amazing man & live in CO Springs doing the fire wife life!

I got my first publishing deal when I was 16 so I could tell stories ~

~ the kind of stories that touch your heart in ways you never expected.

So if you love Jesus + reading, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the fam <3

For the Fantasy lovers…

View my debut fantasy novel about Harold and his dragonfly here 🙂

For the blog readers…

View my latest blog post about Jesus here

For first responder spouse support & encouragement, head here!

& for updates, tutorials, and stories about van life, read here 🤙

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